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Leisure Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020
September 2018; 409 pages; ISBN# 9781577832737; $485

7th Edition. The annual U.S. leisure market is assessed at $2.5 trillion. Fueled predominantly by Baby Boomer spending, significant growth in the leisure marketplace is expected for the foreseeable future.


Leisure Business Market Research Handbook 2019-2020 presents an in-depth assessment of leisure, examining the market within the scope of such topics as entertainment & amusement, cultural & creative activities, hobbies, lifestyle activities, and sports & recreation. In all, 95 unique segments of leisure are assessed, covering virtually every activity where consumers spend their non-working time and discretionary income. Most chapters provide statistics on participation and expenditures, market characteristics and trends, demographics, and a list of resources for further research.


This resource is designed to be of use to several business sectors. Those in leisure businesses will benefit from the in-depth analyses of leisure segments competing for consumers' time and discretionary spending. For the travel and tourism sector, the handbook suggests ways to match consumers' leisure interests with attractions and activities. Retailers and service providers will identify underserved and undermarketed segments in this marketplace of literally hundreds of niches. Advertisers will gain insight on how to reach consumers through their passion for their favorite leisure activities and hobbies.


Over 2,000 website links - directly embedded into the electronic edition - will direct you to additional market research and other resources.


This is a biennial handbook; the 8th edition will be published September 2020.

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